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KENI KIS-03 Turbo Air Lapper

KENI KIS-03 Turbo Air Lapper

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Brand KENI
Speed 30000prm
Stroke 0.3mm
Weight 220g
Length 200mm
Packages Wooden

  • Suitable for industry polishing, grinding and surface treatment of industry mold and jewelry.
  • Surface repair mould roughing and mirror polishing,can reduce work mould surface roughness rapidly until the lens, manual irreplaceable effect, get twice the result with half the effort.
  • Turbine reciprocating pneumatic ultrasound grinding machine,using different fixture, can clamping mould , mini ceramic fiber oilstone、file and other ground tool,to all sorts of metal cutting,narrow slot、grinding 、polishing to mirror etc . Especially mould parts of precision processing , widely applied in all kinds of abrasive
  • Small volume, feel is good, low vibration, low noise, Speed and torque

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