Collection: Blackcow oil stone

Blackcow oil stone sharpening stones

Blackcow oil stone is used for grinding or deburring cutting tools, metallurgical tools, fixtures, etc.The sharpening oil stone is great for efficiency in repairing and maintaining the razor sharp edges needed for key at home tools, including kitchen knives, hunting knives and many moreThe stones can be shaped easily for all kind of knives.

These stones are available in a huge range of grits should choose the right grits before using.

Stone size : 200mm*50mm*25mm and 100mm*25mm*13mm
Stone grits : 80#,120#,150#,240#,320#,400#,600#,800#,1000#,1200#,1500#,2000#

1. The oilstone with fine processing, smooth surface, high hardness, excellent self-sharpening, strong grinding force and high efficiency.
2. Suitable for grinding kitchen knives, razors, pedicure knives, carving knives, it is also can be grinding of hard alloys such as high-speed steel, alloy steel, bearing steel, automobile steel sleeves, etc.

1. The stone is crisp, so it is strictly forbidden to beat or hammer it
2. When using, add some water to grind at the same time.
3. According to the needs , it is generally used in combination with terrazzo (first use this product for rough grinding, and then finely grind with terrazzo).