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customer reviews

Needed some for polishing pistol internals w Flitz. Went through a few and everything shines like a mirror. Lots of sizes for different surfaces. Glad I bought the big kit. Makes sense financially. Now I have more than plenty for other projects and friends. Good purchase.

Don Shelton

I was using the attachments that came with my dremel and those lasted a day. I'm happy I purchased these diamond coated bits. They as re able to withstand the scuffing I do to the backside my my earrings for better adhesion when assembling.

Cindy Knox

This is not a cheap grinder!!! It is heavy for its size and made well... easy to hold and control. But it is metric and 1/8" shanks are a little tough to get in but no deal breaker. Over time it should wear in and get easier. I was very impressed.

Jeff Naul