Metal Mold Die Polishing Tools Equipment

Stainless Steel Abrasive Polishing Cutting Deburring,Mold Die Finshing Solutions

We are an abrasive tools supplier who offer a wide range of useful products.Such as Mounted points & wheel,Abrasives for Power Tools,Cutting tools,Mold Polishing Stones,Ceramic Fiber Stones,Diamond & CBN Grinding Points Wheels, Diamond Polishing Tools, Diamond Files,Ultrasonic Lapping Machine, Pneumatic Tools, …etc.For all of your needs-Mould Tools Finshing,Casting Finshing,Jewellery Making,Plastics & Non Metals Polishing,Woodworking.We provides high quality tools with reasonable prices and the best customer service to our valued customers.

  • mold die polishing finshing tools

    Mold Die Polishing Finshing

    Mold die polishing is a technique that helps to obtain smooth mold surfaces.Generally, mold polishing techniques use mould polishing stones,wool wheel, diamond polishing paste,strips, and sandpaper for manual polishing.


  • Cutting Deburring tools

    Cutting Deburring Tools

    Carbide Burrs are ideal for heavy duty stock removal, deburring, weld removal and preparation on a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.we offer Tungsten Carbide Burs in various lengths, fluting style,shapes,and sizes including Long Shank.

  • diamond cbn tools

    Diamond & CBN Tools

    Diamond tools is suited for cutting, grinding, drilling and polishing hard abrasive materials, such as stone, concrete, ceramics, bricks, glasses, fire-proof materials and other similar materials.


  • jewellery DIY polishing

    Jewellery & DIY Making

    Jewelry polishing use a wide array of machines and hand tools to remove uneven or rustic surfaces from gold, platinum or silver. Using wheels and bits charged with abrasive compounds the polishers shape and contour surfaces.

Long shank Moundted Points Custom Manufacturing

Moundted Points Custom Manufacturing Services

With a wide variety of shapes mounted ponits for your application , we support custom shapes & size on demand and high volume production .

-Make On Demand Manufacturing Easier, Faster.

-We had 10 years of manufacturing experience.

-High quality & Fast delivery

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