What are the polishing stone used in the mold making ?

What are the polishing stone used in the mold making ?

With the development of industrial technology, mold polishing requirements are more higher and higher, and most molds need mirror polishing.it will use many tools and consumables in the mold polishing process.The mold polishing stone is one of the necessary tools in the mold polishing.Do you know what kinds of fishing stone are used in mold making?

In the polishing process, the commonly used whetstones include ordinary whetstone, super refined whetstone, diamond whetstone, ruby whetstone, and boron carbide whetstone. At present, the mesh of fishing oilstone used in mold mirror polishing are: grits120~grits3000. Among them, the more commonly used  are grits120, grits180, grits200, grits240, grits400, grits600, grits1000, grits1200#, etc.

According to the experience of mold polishing maker
For rough polishing: grits120~gring 600 mold polishing stone is generally used,
For fine polishing :grits 600- grits 800 mold fishing stone is generally used,
For Super-finish polishing: about grits1200 mold stone is best.

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