3 Types Of Ceaton Ceramic Fiber Stone

3 Types Of Ceaton Ceramic Fiber Stone

Ceramic Fiber Stone
Ceaton ceramic stone is made of ceramic fiber combined with strong resin, which has higher cutting force and cutting life than traditional oilstone. The hand-held grinding effect is better than the traditional whetstone, and the fiber stone itself has the characteristics of high heat resistance, high elasticity and not easy to plug holes. It is suitable for long-term continuous processing such as electric ultrasonic grinders, electric or pneumatic rotary tools, and pneumatic filing machines implements. We recommend grinding with a 30° ~ 40° angle between the stone end face and the workpiece for the best machinability.

Ceaton ceramic stone

Mini Ceramic Fiber Stone
Crystal Mini Fiber stone and Sharp Shield Mini ceramic stone are cut into various tiny sizes such as 0.3 x 0.3mm ~ 1 x 2 mm, and are mainly used for detailed grinding of concave seams and small grooves. Generally, traditional petroleum or ruby petroleum stone will be easy to break if cut into the same size, but crystal mini-fiber stone and Sharp Shield mini-fiber stone have high strength and toughness and are the preferred grinding tools for detailed processing.


Uses: It is good for all type of molds and dies fine and super fine finishing. Especially for engraving parts, slight ribs, R ribs,corners,complicated area and details.Besides,all other tool parts that needs details lapping.Our mini crystal fiber stone and Mini ceramic fiber stone will be the wonderful tools.

Ceramic diamond stones
Ceramic diamond stones are made of diamond abrasives and ceramic fibers
bonded together with thermosetting resin. The combination of diamond and
ceramic fibers creates the outstanding cutting performance. Ceramic diamond
stone is a perfect lapping tool.

Ceramic diamond stones

Features :
1. The machinability of ordinary ceramic fiber stone comes from the end face of the stone, but all parts of the diamond fiber stone such as the plane, side or tip can be used.
2. Compared with the general traditional stone and fiber stone, diamond fiber stone is not easy to plug holes and has more cutting force.
3. Generally, traditional stone cannot process many special materials such as ultra-hard dies, but diamond fiber stone has no such limitation.
4. Diamond fiber stone can be used for various processing such as: surface grinding after EDM discharge, polishing of tungsten steel mold, ceramic processing and grinding, and glass surface grinding.





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