Kolekcja: YFS Ceramic Fibre Stones

YFS Ceramic Fibre Stones is made by combining high-purity ceramic fibers with thermoplastic resin.It has high hardness, wear resistance and is not easy to break.

Ceramic Fibre Stones is mainly used for metal precision polishing.Due to the strong toughness of fiber stones, it is generally used for precision polishing of the groove bottom, crevices and other subtle places of the mold. The ceramic fiber stone is used for processing plastic steel molds. The narrow grooves, curved surfaces and deep parts of articles such as jade handicrafts and cemented carbide workpieces not easy polishing parts.It is mainly used in molds, electronics, jewelry, handicrafts, plastics and other industries.

Ceramic Fiber
Purple,Green,Orange,Coffee,Black,Blue,Yellow,Red,White,Rose red,Pink
Applicable Material
Ordinary steel, special steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy steel, magnetic material, plastic, etc.
1*10*100; 3.0*100mm
Grit Size
#150,#180, #220,#240 #280, #400,
#600,#800, #1000, #1200,1500


The fiber stones can be used by hand for very detailed finishing but are even more effective with ultrasonic polishing machines and reciprocation tools for a fast more effective use.

Notice:YFS stones is a soft fiber stone. The arrangement and content of fiber filaments are different from Japan Brand fiber stones. The cutting force is not strong, if want to  use for removing mold tool EDM grains and machining marks,please use the Ceraton or Xebec Ceramic Fiber stones.

YFS Ceramic Fibre Stones Grits/Colors

  #150 Purple     #280 Coffee     #800 Red  
   #180 Green      #320 Black   #1000 White
  #220 Dark Orange     #400 Blue     #120 Rose Red  
  #240 Orange     #600 Yellow     #1500 Pink