Kolekcja: Turbo Air Lappers

The Turbo Air Lapper is an air reciprocator similar to Diprofil filing machine. it is used for detailed polishing and cleaning of mold tools and precision parts.Polishing and cleaning up to edges,mould tool slots and also tight corners can be cleaned as the stroke length is so short.But it is very powerful machine and very detailed parts can be cleaned and polishied quickly-much faster then polishing by hand and still keeping the mould tool flat!

We have 4 types: 0.3mm or 0.7mm or 1.0mm or 1.2mm stroke length depending on the application.The smoothest air reciprocator on the market,light weight with low vibration.Comes complete with holders for diamond file and ceramic fiber stones.

Types available:

Model No:  Strokes per miute Stroke length
UTR-30 52500 0.3mm
UTR-70 35000 0.7mm
UTR-100 30000 1.0mm
UTR-120 25000 1.2mm