Kolekcja: Boride polishing stone

Boride mould polishing stone

Mold oil stone is commonly used in grinding & polishing the cutting tools & machine parts.It's also can be installed on the machine tools to power grinding & super finishing.

AS-9 grinding stone can be applied to any kind of grinding steel grinding .Having excellent performance in the small fine mold parts . AS-9 can be used for manual grinding. Its specially formulated to provide fast, smooth grinding performance. Can be used wet or dry grinding.

AO oil stone is consist of pure round alumina particles, millstone round in good shape to maintain a good anti-dandruff efficacy, especially when the cavity milling performance of its properties. Suitable for tool steel and fire patterns except EDM Powerful grinding stone.


white and red
A0 White BORIDE grit
Aluminum oxide , silicon carbide , abrasive, binding, pore ect.
Specifications of AO white BORIDE
1/16*1/4*6;1/16*1/2*6;1/8*1/8*6; 1/8*1/4*6; 1/8*1/2*6; 1/4*1/4*6,1/4*1/2*6,etc
Specifications of AS-9 BORIDE
1/16*1/4*6;1/16*1/2*6;1/8*1/8*6; 1/8*1/4*6; 1/8*1/2*6; 1/4*1/4*6,1/4*1/2*6,etc

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