Kolekcja: Mold Polishing Stone Kit-Partner For Moulds Die Maker

Moldmaker stones maily has two types-EDM polishing stone and ceramic super stones.These polishing stones delivers exceptional performance on EDM (electrical discharge machining) surfaces,milling and machining marks on all types of mold & die steel and has a fast breakdown offering quick material removal.We offer a wide range of mold polishing stones such as BORIDE,Bellstone,BLACKCOW,RUBY,CERATON,XEBEC and so on.

Mould EDM polishing stone

“EDM” finishing stone is a hard-structured aluminum oxide stone for polishing EDM (electrical discharge machining) surfaces on all types of mold and die steel. It performs particularly well on heat treated steels. This stone is hard, strong and will hold its shape while penetrating surface scale easily making it ideal for polishing sharp corners and small details either by hand holdes or with the use of reciprocating profilers like U-Lap and Turbo-Lap Air Profilers

What mold EDM polishing stones we offer?

BORIDE mold polishing stones

AS-9 Similar to the AM-8, the AS-9 is engineered for hand stoning EDM scale surfaces.The special formulation provides a fast smooth cutting action during hand stoning.
BORIDE mold polishing stones-AS-9

AO offers excellent breakdown characteristics and yet retains its shape well, especially when polishing mold cavity details. Because the AO is filled with lubricant during the manufacturing process, it does not require lengthy pre-lubrication. 220 grit is an ideal “start up stone” for machined surfaces. Grits 220 and 320 work well in removing EDM scale

BORIDE mold polishing stones-AO

 Bellstone/yanzhistone polishing stones

Bellstone offers a wide range of mold die polishing stones excellent for removing machining marks and spark erosion grains for preparing the surface for final polishing. Finer grits available makes it possible to prepare the right surface for Diamond polishing eliminating the requirement of using emery papers, thus making the polishing process fast and free of defects like waviness.

-VH Series-Consisting of premium grade of white aluminium oxide (WA), VH series stones are manufactured by a vitrified process. It has the right mix of abrasives, bonding and curing additives that imparts excellent cutting properties.The edges resist breaking down thus giving high cutting efficiency and very low wear rate.Used for polishing larger surfaces,edges and deep grooves,these can be dressed to polish virtually and shape or profile.Recommended for use on carbon steel,alloy tool steel,stainless steel,it virtually covers all kind of mold die steels.

Bellstone polishing stones

Yanzhistone polishing stones



Ruby Whetstone

Ruby is a kind of corundum microcrystals made from alumina powder and sintered at high temperature. The structure is compact and delicate, with high hardness and strength. Because it is sintered ,so it does not have the characteristics of various hardness levels, particle sizes and different strength ranges, but it has a dense structure and a pore structure. Therefore, the ruby whetstones is rose red.

Material:Ruby whetstone is sintered at high temperature, with high hardness and strength .Not easy to wear .



Usage:Suitable for processing high toughness hardened steel, alloy steel, precision measuring tools and instrument parts and other workpieces with high finish requirements.


Ultra Fine Ceramic Polishing Stones

Ultra Fine Ceramic Stones for Mould tool polishing and small detailed Ultrasonic Polishing Stones.

Xebec ceramic polishing stone

Xebec ceramic stones are used for detailed finishing of detailed surfaces.

Ceramic Stones are a fine grit finishing stone made of a new composite material of ceramic fibres in a very hard thermoset resin. Xebec Ceramic Stones have a unique patented structure of ceramic fibres in a cross patterned bundle with fibres running in two directions. Only the ends of the stone do the work, they must be dressed and shaped for optimum work.

Stones can be shaped easily for the required use. They are excellent for getting into detailed tight areas.

These stones are available in a huge range of grits 120g which is very coarse for rapid stock removal or coarse spark surface to be removed to 3000 grit which is similar to 10 micron and used for polishing.

Ceraton ceramic polishing stone

Stone Holders for Mould Polishing Stones

Ceramic Stone Holders

Both Hand Held and Machine Holder for use in a Diprofil or other file reciprocate machine.

Polishing Oil Stone Holders