Coleção: Ruby Polishing Stones

Ruby polishing stone are ideal hand tools for all kinds of sharpening, deburring, polishing and fine grinding applications. Use them to sharpen any kind of tool, chamfer cutting tools, engrave profiles, and work hardened steel, carbide and other hard and abrasive materials. Ruby Degussits are also recommended for use on materials such as glass, quartz and porcelain. Mold and die makers use these stones in the production of cutting, bending and pressing tools, as well as for sharpening and deburring. 

Ruby is a kind of corundum microcrystals made from alumina powder and sintered at high temperature. The structure is compact and delicate, with high hardness and strength. Because it is sintered ,so it does not have the characteristics of various hardness levels, particle sizes and different strength ranges, but it has a dense structure and a pore structure. Therefore, the ruby whetstones is rose red.

Material:Ruby whetstone is sintered at high temperature, with high hardness and strength .Not easy to wear .



Ruby Sharpening Stone available sharp size

The ruby whetstone is a good helper to sharpen of all kinds of kitchen knives. This ruby polishing stone is a good helper when doing diamond grinding, especially for the novice to learn. And this whetstone is used with a grinder to grind and sharpen the blade, mainly for grinding. With the help of a whetstone diamond, you can make all kinds of stones at home. Mainly for grinding the edge of the whetstone in high precision grit, precision workpieces such as glass, porcelain, bronze and silver jewelry. It has a whetstone, the stone and the diamond can be replaced to make a new one of your many kinds. It is whetstone and can be used for fine sharpening. A finegrained whetstone lubricated with oil, used for fine sharpening.


1:It's extremely hard, maintain their shape well and are resistant to wear. Because they are so hard they can sharpen and finish extremely hard metals such as carbide gravers, but also work on non-metal like glass, porcelain and quartz.

2:For sharpening and polishing chilled steel,alloy steel and precision parts etc.

3:These Ruby Sharpening stones can sharpening and polishing for triangle sawtooth, circular saw blade, plane blade edge, small serrated mould.