Where to buy the original bellstone whetstones?

Where to buy the original bellstone whetstones?

Brand “Bellstone ” is not “Bellstone ” ,Why?

       Bellstone whestones is widely used in molds & die tool polishing and knives polishing. Because the polishing effect is very good,so it is very popular among consumers.However, more and more buyers found that it is not the brand "Bellstone" they bought, and that is why?

       Usually, buyers find the supplier of Bellstone mold polishing oiltstone by Google or Alibaba . When you found some suppliers, after communicated and  finally bought some bellstones.But when you received the polishing whestones, you open the package and find that it is not Bellstones whetstone, and then you communicated with the seller. The seller told you: "They are both bellsone oiltstone, one is new packaging, and the other is old."  'oh,my god' you are very confused and doubted whether the supplier has sent the poor quality or fake oilstone to you.And it is very difficult for your customers to accept the new packaging when they have already recognized the quality of the old version.

        Now let me tell you why you recived with ''yanzhistone" oilstones not  "bellstone" whetstone. The manufacturer used the trademark "yanzhistone" in all products after August 2019. And the manufacturer guaranteesd that the product quality and packaging specifications remain unchanged. After more than a year of sales, all the "bellstone" oilstones in the old packaging have been sold out, and now There are only new packages of bellstone on the market. So you only receive all new packaging of Bellstone.

      "Our customers still want to buy "Bellstone", where to buy it ?" said one buyer

     We would like to introduce to you "bellstone" oilstones with black packages

1:It has strong bonding force, strong impact resistance, and is not easy to break. It is suitable for electrical discharge machining, surface finishing , edge and corner polishing, and deep groove polishing.

2:It will not damage the dimensional accuracy of the original workpiece when polishing.

3:It does not blockand when polishing and has high efficiency 

4:It can not only process the workpiece at various angles, but also can be flat-grinded and polished.it is very convenient to use.


 If you need the brand "bellstone" oilstones ,please contact us!Thank you.

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