What are the factors of affecting mold mirror polishing ?

What are the factors of affecting mold mirror polishing ?

Generally,there are 2 factors to influence the quality of mold mirror polishing.

1: The steel hardness

Different hardness of the mold steel will influence the quality of the mold polishing. As the hardness increased,it  is more difficult for mold polishing , but the roughness after polishing will be reduced. Due to increase the hardness of mold steel, it will take more time  to achieve a lower roughness.

2:The quality of workpiece surface

Workpiece surface condition is also affected the mold polishing technology. During the machining process with the steel cutting machine, it will cause the surface layer to be damaged because of heat and internal stress or other factors, and the cutting parameters of the mold are improper to make it easy to affect the effect of mold polishing.

The surface after EDM is more difficult to grind than ordinary machining or heat treatment. Therefore, after the EDM processing is completed, a fine EDM trim should be used, otherwise the surface of the mold will form a hardened layer. However, if the EDM trimming rules are not selected properly, it will also affect the mold polishing quality.

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