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KENI CF-400 Diamond Hand Files Set 12pcs

KENI CF-400 Diamond Hand Files Set 12pcs

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Diamond Hand Files are useful for filing in tight areas for shaping, deburring, smoothing, weld/solder removal etc.The files work quickly and accurately, they cut on the push and the pull stroke. They remove metal quicker than standard needle files.These files are used by hand.
Diamond hand files are useful in most applications although particularly popular with jewellers, precision engineers and model makers. This is due to their fine size.

Ideal for removing excess solder, in tight angles, for shaping ceramic stones. They are very useful to have to hand at the bench because they work on such a wide range of materials.


Diamond Hand Files CF-400  (12pcs/Set)

Diamond hand files cf400

Cross-Section Total Length(mm) Dia.Length(mm)  Grit Size
Width:2mm 180 40 #150,#200,#400,#600
Width:4mm 180 50 #150,#200,#400,#600
Width:6mm 180
50 #150,#200,#400,#600
Width:8mm 180 50 #150,#200,#400,#600


diamond file cf400diamond file cf400-2

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