Коллекция: Bellstone moulds polishing finshing stone

Bellstone polishing stone is for mould die finshing and tool/knife sharpening.it provide fast removal of milling machine marks, EDM scale and other surface blemishes while producing a smooth, flawless surface finish.it offer a wide range of mold polishing stones excellent removing spark erosion grains for perparing the surface for final polishing.Finer grits available makes it possible to prepare the right surface for diamond polishing eliminating the requirement of using fine emery papers,thus making the polishing process fast and free of defects like waviness.  

Bellstone VH mold stone is made of high-purity white aluminum oxide of high quality and it is a vitrified product with outstanding maching capability and removers curved surface or stains after electirc-discharge machining. This polishing Stone is suitable for rough grinding or semifinishing of hard steel tool for the heat treatment mold and micro knurling mold.It is used mainly to finish EDM surface and grind the corners and small deep-grooves.

Because of high grade of grinding stone and high impact resistance, it does not break easily.It is also oil impregated,so the grinding ability is excellent and without creating surface scratches.


Bellstone VH series polishing stone 

  • Remove the tough, hard scale left by the EDM process much faster than any of our other finishing stones.
  • Contains extra-sharp premium-grade aluminum oxide for fast cutting action.
  • Special clay bond enables the EDM stones to hold their shape well for working small details and sharp corners.
  • Breaks down slowly, cuts fast and resists loading.

The Specification of Bellstone

 Size(mm) Grits






#120 #150 #180 #240 #320 #400 #600 #800 #1000 #1200 #1500 #2000 #3000









#120 #150 #180 #240 #320 #400 #600 #800 #1000 #1200 #1500 #2000 #3000


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