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We hope that you will find many useful products from our large selection of abrasives, polishing supplies, polishing machines, cutting tools, and other useful items that we offer to Moldmakers, Diemakers, Polishing Professionals, Gunsmiths, Woodcarvers and Hobbyists. Our single and most important goal is to supply you, our valued customer, with high quality abrasive tools at reasonable and affordable prices.Also we have an extensive stock holding and we ensure your order is properly packaged and dispatched to wherever you are in the world. If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us. Your friend Kay always be here.(kay@moldaccessories.com)


Below is Our Main Products (Brand:KENI)

1:High Quality Vitrified Monted Point With Shaft

This product is a ceramic bon sintered grinding wheel.

Main characteristics:Strong resistance to abrasive,grinding force,with high quality steel shaft and good concentrity.

Applicaton:Metal grinding polishing,repairing,etc.

Material:(PA)Chromium corundum,(WA)White corundum,(A)Corundum,(GC)Green silicon carbide.(C)Black silicon carbide.

NOTIE: Non-standard or special specification can be customized production

2:Elastic Mounted Points

There are 3 types for elastic mounted points.(Sponge grinding wheel #120,Cowhide grinding wheel #180,Rubber grinding wheel #240)

Main freatures:elastic mounted points can meet the requirements of different surface finish,according to choose different grit.

Uses:Mainly used in the mould surface polishing after rough machining.also suit for aluminum alloy products,stainless steel,gold and silver jewrlry and other non-ferrous metal surface polishing.

3:Felt grinding polishing series

The felt polishing series is with 100% pure wool.it be used with polishing compound to produce a smooth finish.also can ideal for general polishing of most ferrous metals, stones, glass and ceramics .it is perfect for cleaning and polishing.

4:Mould&die maker polishing stones

           Mold oil stone is a kind of bonded abrasive tools,which is made of abrasive,binding,and pore.Manly edges on the surface of oil polishing stone is cutting edge of the machining workpieces.Binding is the material for bonding the abrasive finishing stone,which has sufficient strength to ensure the sharpness and durability of oilstone when grinding.Pore is the space between the binding and abrasive,which help to eliminate the grinding dust and dissipate heat during grinding process.Polishing oilstone is commonly uses in grinding the cuntting tools and machine parts.It is also can be installed on the machine to power gringding and super finishing.During the processing,the oil stone is mainly used to grind and polish the surface of workpieces.It will help mould maker with good surface finish and improve machining accuracy.

Chinese oil polishing stone




Application:it is widely used for grinding and polishing cutting tools mould parts,etc.

Chinese ceramic fiber stone 




Application:Used for grinding and polishing cutting tools and mould metal parts

Japan Ceramic Fiber Stone




Application:Used for grinding and polishing cutting tools, precision mould metal parts.

Recommendations:1-To remove the rough machining surface or hard EDM scale of mould and die steels.

2:General lapping of finer surface scratch line of toll&die steels.

3:Fine polishing and finishing.

Φ3mm can be used for grinding point(max,length 50mm),or sharpening the detail lapping.




Application:Used for grinding and polishing cutting tools, precision mould metal parts.

Recommendations:#180.#250,#280 --To remove the rough machining surface or hard EDM scale of mould and die steels.

#360,#400--General lapping of finer surface scratch line of toll&die steels.

#700,#1000,#1200--Fine polishing and finishing.

American oil polishing stone





Application:It is suitable for grinding all kinds of steels and better to grind the tiny delicate mold parts.It can be used for manual gringding.Fast and smooth polishing efficiency.it can also used for dry and wet grinding.




Application:It is srong type of mold grinding stone.it is suitabel for mould&die tooling polishing and remove EMD marks.

Korean oil polishing stone




Feature:1 Oil stone is made of special material by fine processing technology and has very high strength and certain flexibility.it is also not easy to break.

2 It is not blocked and with high efficiency when mold polishing and grinding.

3 Oilstone can process any angles of machined workpieces and it is easy to do flat grinding & polishing

4 Mold oil stone will not demage the original size of the machines workpieces when die tooling polishing.


Ruby oil polishing stone

Shape&Size:Various of size.it has square,recatangle,cylindrical,triangle,arch,etc.

Feature:1 it is made of aluminum oxide by high heat sintering. 

2 Ruby oil stone is with light color,closely&exquisite structure and good toughness.Has high hardness and strength.

3 Uniform in texture,it is with good grinding and polishing function.it is suitable for polishing precision machinery parts,mold parts,etc.


 5:Diamond Grinding tools


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