Ceraton Fiber Stone For Mold Jade Jewelry Polishing

Ceraton Fiber Stone For Mold Jade Jewelry Polishing

Ceraton stones is made from ceramic fibers bonded in thermosetting resin, exhibits superior strength compared by normal abrasive stones. Long life and no clogging is suitable for all kinds of equipments like ultrasonic machines, high speed rotaries, Air Lappers & Air Grinders and also good by hand polishing.

Ceraton ceramic fiber stone is an excellent stone for EDM removal and it suitable for using on all types of mold and dies,fine and super fine finshing.Especially for engraving parts,slight ribs,radius ribs,corners,complicated area and details.

ceraton fiber stones

Grits  Applications

Grinding and polishing of rough surfaces and removal

of hard EDM

#360 #400 Surface treatment for processing minor scratches
#700 #1000 #1200 Fine grinding and surface treatment

lt has the effect of a shaft grindstone, and after the top is 

processed sharply, it can be used for precision polishing of fine seams and

 othersubtle places


3 major product advantages

01:Not easy to break,strong resistance to fracture.

CERATON fiber stone with a unique combinnation of materials and  manufacturing method of stong resistance to fracture,not easily broken.

02:Fiber cross arrangement,does not produce scratches.

The fibers are arranged crosswise, the whetstone sand grains are uniform and full,not easy to fall off, and there will be no scratches on the surface of the grinding workpiece. 

CERATON Ceramic Fiber Stone 1004-5

03:Swipe vertically and horizontally,not easy to fever.

Sliding vertically and horizontally to improve the grinding speed and the strengthof the whetstone.

lt is not easy to generate heat during grinding and will not cause the workpiece to become hot.

The main features

-Ceraton Fiber stone provides better cutting force, higherheat resistance and longer service life,especially the heat resistance is about 45%higher than the traditional one.

-It is not easy to generate heat during polishing and not cause the workpiece to become hot.Super mini fiber stones is suitable for using on all types of molds and dies,fine and super fine finishing.It has the characteristics of high hardness.

 -The shape of fiber sotnes can be arbitrarily trimmed and changed freely.In addition to being used for hand polishing.It is also suitable for pneumatic and electric reciprocating grinder.The effect is better when using ultrasonic grinder.It can also be ground and processed on various die steels of different materials.It is suitable for general hard-to-grind processing.such as narrow groove walls,groove bottoms,hole slip marks,auxiliary parts and small and fine parts. Especially for the fast removal and polishing effect of the carbon deposit layer after electric discharge machinning.

ceraton stones used ultrasonic grinder

 What is it use for?

-mold die tooing fine polishing

-Jade polishing

-Jewelry polishing

-Metal precision polishing

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