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Bellstone Polishing Knife Sharpening Stone 20*40*125

Bellstone Polishing Knife Sharpening Stone 20*40*125

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Bellstone Knife Sharpening Stone is manufactured for proper use by selecting the grade ranging from rough grain to super fine grain.The blade is maintained sharp even during use and its grinding capability is excellent. It is used for grinding any tool like knife, scissors,etc.

MS series sharpening stone

The sharpening stone is made of aluminum oxide with high impact resistance and superior machining ability. A variety of uses ranges from rough surface grinding to final grinding, and it is suitable for grinding general steel.

※ Can be oil impregnated

WA series sharpening stone

The sharpenging stone is made of white corundum, it is suitable for grinding steel, copper and aluminum and other materials. It will be improve efficiency with the grinder.

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