How to polish the narrow part of mold ?

How to polish the narrow part of mold ?

In the mold polishing process, how to polish those narrow areas?

Before polishing, what kind of mold polishing tools do we need to prepare? First, we need to use a small file to repair the mold polishing stones into a small rectangular strip and it should be narrower than the that it can move back and forth on the workpiece and it is necessary to cut a shallow slot at the center of one end of a small rectangular mold oilstones.At the same time, according to the length of the workpiece, the bristles on the brush should be trimmed to be smaller than the narrow part of mold workpiece. And also you need to grind the front end of the stick to a sharper shape.

When polishing material is ready,we will polish the workpiece now. First of all, you need to put the trimmed small rectangular oilstone in a narrow area of the workpiece, with kerosene, using bamboo chopsticks to press the oilstone and move the mold oil stones in the working area, and then to grind the turning tool line or fire pattern on the surface clean. Please pay attention to adjust the bottom surface of the whetstone to keep the bottom surface is flat.

At R position of the cavity corner, it need a smaller mold whetstone to clean the corners, and it can not be polished by straight line in the cross area. It needs to  grind in sections, otherwise these R angles will be higher due to poor grinding. If there are deep traces of mold whetstone, it needs to use sandpaper to clean it. After that,using a 15-nanometer diamond abrasive paste with a suitable brush to remove the mold whetstone marks on the surface. Finally,using a professional polishing machine to polish the mold suface a mirror effect step by step.

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