Colección: Xebec Ceramic Polishing Stone

Xebec ceramic polishing stone are used for detailed finishing of detailed surfaces.It is made of a new composite material of ceramic fibres in a very hard thermoset resin. Xebec Ceramic Stones have a unique patented structure of ceramic fibres in a cross patterned bundle with fibres running in two directions. Only the ends of the stone do the work, they must be dressed and shaped for optimum work.

Stones can be shaped easily for the required use. They are excellent for getting into detailed tight areas.

These stones are available in a huge range of grits 120g which is very coarse for rapid stock removal or coarse spark surface to be removed to 3000 grit which is similar to 10 micron and used for polishing.

For Engineers

Traditionally used in Mould tool and Die polishing to get in very tight spaces.

3d printed or laser sintered parts AM manufacturing. as smaller and more detailed components can be made and finishing is required these will become an important tool.

Microscopic polishing and cleaning can be achieved, as the grit in the ceramic fibres are so small they only need a very small stroke length to work. This is particularly helpful in the medical industry.

For Jewellery

The jewellery indusry has really just found the ceramic stones for working on stone settings and polishing in small areas. They are incredibly effective on precious metals.

We would highly recommend you take a look at round ceramic stones for use in a rotary tool such as a pendant drill.

Xebec Ceramic Stone FAQ
Excellent for mold polishing and deburring.

Q:How do you use it?
When using XEBEC Ceramic Stone Meister Finish Stick Type, apply the tip at about 45 degrees to the surface to be polished, as it only has grinding power at the tip. As for the Rod Type, the cutting edges are exposed over the entire surface, and it has grinding power both at the tip and all sides. XEBEC Ceramic Stone Diamond also has grinding power both at the tip and all sides.
  • They can also be used for reciprocatory and ultrasonic finishing for a little more power in tight spaces.
  • Ceramic stones can be used with a stone holder for hand stoning, select the stone holder that fits the stone.
  • Used with a Ultrasonic polisher they can be used for very precise stock removal or polishing. Sharp edges on tools can easily be maintained.

  • Q:Is it possible to use sides of XEBEC Ceramic Stone Stick Type?

    No. Only the tip of this product has grinding power. When polishing, it should be applied to the workpiece at an angle, optimally at 45 degrees.

    Q:Why doesn’t it get clogged?

    It is because of the characteristics of the ceramic fiber filament that self-sharpens to maintain the grinding power at the tip.

    Q:Does it break easily?

    No. It is resistant to breakage, cracking, and chipping, because ceramic fiber filament is used as the abrasive material instead of abrasive grains.

    Q:Is it possible to achieve mirror bright finish?

    No. It is capable of achieving rough to medium finish.

    Q:Can it be used with oil applied?

    Yes, it can also used with water-soluble and oil-based grinding fluids and kerosene. Polishing liquids for metals are recommended.

    Q:Can it be used with vibrating tools?

    It can be used with ultrasonic, pneumatic and electric tools. When using ultrasonic tools, XEBEC Ceramic Stone Heat-Resistant is recommended.

    Q:What material can it process?

    It is applicable with all metals with less than HRC57 of hardness, as well as mold materials including NAK and STAVAX. For materials with hardness of HRC57 and higher, use XEBEC Ceramic Stone Diamond.

    Q:What thickness of XEBEC Ceramic Stone can the stick holder hold?

    It can hold thicknesses of 0.5-3mm.

    Specifications of Xebec Ceramic stone

    Color Co No. Application
    coffee 220# Mainly used for power generation after processing, remove carbon surface (i.e., discharge grinding flower)
    tawny 300# Mainly used for power generation after processing, remove carbon surface (i.e., discharge grinding);
    orange 400# Dedicated to cutting tool grinding;
    black 600# Dedicated to cutting tool grinding;
    blue 800# Dedicated to cutting tool grinding;
    white 1000# Used to deal with the red ground or mirror before grinding;
    red 1200# Used to deal with the red ground or mirror before grinding;
    The higher the grain size number of ceramic grain of the thinner.
    The size optional: 1*4*100 ; 1*6*100 ; 1*10*100  D3